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Our Vision:

To Spread Happiness By Connecting the Clients to their Users Across the World.


Our Mission:

We are army of web designers and android app to deliver best results and play with creative ideas.

With inception back in 2008, web design and development were the specific domain of ours. Since day one, we were very keen on client's expectations. Our determination to be best in the industry have bought us this far!

Technology is advancing day by day and hence everybody has to keep their pace. Online businesses often have to perform consistent SEO strategy, SMO updates to keep their site ahead.

Accordingly, our business is to offer professional services for web design and development along with value added online service & other aspects that bring potential customers to your website.

We believe in working with passion and play with creative ideas. Outsourcing your web requirements to MapONN Inc, you are actually stepping onto success because at MapONN Inc you not only find a ready website, but a website that actually sells.






MapONN Inc is a small team of massively experienced developers and designers, specialising in ecommerce and other development.
One thing we’d like to say upfront is that we’re not an agency - we’re very different in approach. Think of us as a team of expert developers with intimate knowledge of the entire ecommerce website and application (from user experience through operations to integration with systems such as Grocery) who will fit into your business seamlessly. We don’t have the overheads (financial or baloney) that agencies do, so we’re cheaper to employ, and easier to get along with.
We’re not welded to any particular platform - we’ve worked with most all software frameworks. We’ll choose the best one for the job depending on what you want to achieve.

  • Team of very experienced designers and developers specialising in software.
  • We work on just one build project at any one time.
  • Everyone has skin in the game - all our people are equal stakeholders in the business.
  • Integrated and embedded in your project - we work with you as part of your business. We’ll do what you want and you can count on us for honest advice.
  • Low (like almost nothing) overheads.
  • Lower fee base - negligible overheads mean we don’t need to charge eye watering prices.
  • Seamless transition into supporting you post-go live - the same people will be supporting you.



Dfarmfresh is online grocery selling E-commerce solution for all your daily needs.  Everything You Need to Start Selling Online Today is in your hand.
We have developed “Dfarmfresh” website, android app and native IOS app to sell fruits, vegetables and other grocery products online.


A School Bus Tracking System is a matter of child safety. It requires efficient and accurate equipment. So that there are minimum loopholes for miscreants to utilize.


Highlights to our systems:

What is Parent Portal?

It is a web portal into which parents would be able to login with unique login IDs to know about various spects of their child's bus related activities. This portal also acts as a means of parent-teacher communication.

The MapOnnSchool monitoring system is integrated to the Parent Portal to help both parents and school authorities to know student whereabouts in real-time, thus ensuring their safety.

Parent Portal Advantages

Access to the Web Parent Portal, Parents get to

  • Know the travel history of their children at any given time
  • Ensure if their children has reached the school/home
  • Monitor speed of a school bus
  • Monitor time duration at each stops
  • Map Onn School breakdowns, traffic jams, natural hazards, etc.

The school authorities would get the same advantages that parents get and a bit more.

  • Manage fleet with higher efficiency
  • Would be able to avoid fuel wastage caused by excessive idling and inefficient routes.
  • Plan and route easily
  • Manage emergency situations such as breakdowns easily

Parent App

Parent App helps to track the location of the school bus while the child travel in real-time. You get notified about the location of the school bus. The first notification will be sent 10 minutes prior to when bus will arrive at child's stop. Parents will receive the next notification when the student boards the bus. Then parents will be able to track the school bus in a map. Parents get another notification when child gets fown the bus. The same process repeats when the student is travelling back home in the afternoon.


Real time GPS tracking

Safety is the topmost concern and priority. There are a lot of unexpected dangers that are widespread in the outside world. Every 40 seconds, a child is kidnapped or goes missing. Even small safety precaution matters so much. A number of student safety issues are related to school bus. Enable the shield of protection through GPS tracking system, a one stop solution for a lot of problems.

Real-time GPS tracking system is a convenient system that can be accessed through your personal computer or mobile phone as it has web application as well as a mobile application. The difficulty of managing school bus timings vanishes by using school bus monitoring system with assured safety alerts.

  • Using RFID tags and GPS the real-time updates of the student in school bus is notified to the parents and school authorities by GPS tracking system. Be double sure about the location of your child.
  • The software takes care of routing of the school bus, replacing error with accuracy. Time and energy is saved by the system along with re-routing and re-scheduling whenever an issue arises.
  • School buses remain under the monitoring of school authorities while on road. The school authorities get to know how effectively the bus is being managed by the driver. The speed of the bus is also under surveillance.
  • Activity of each vehicle is monitored as well as stored. Working hours is also calculated and stored.
  • Manual entering is prone to mistakes and requires ample time and energy
  • Helps in school trips, without getting lost
  • GPS is cost effective

Notification Centre

When it comes to school bus tracking, real-time notifications provide an additional layer of safety and convenience.

For instance, a parent who regularly picks up his/her child from the bus stop may not be able to reach the stop in time. With the help of active notification, which informs the parent when the child boards the school bus, he/she will be able to arrange another person to pick up the child.

There might also be situations when the child might get into the wrong bus or miss the bus altogether. Active notifications become quite helpful under such circumstances. No time gets wasted and the child can be tracked down in a short time.

As the student tracking system has a mobile application as well as a web interface, there are active notifications in both. In case a parent does not have access to a smartphone, he or she can get the notifications in the parent portal.

There are a number of instances when parents will get notifications. These include

In the morning,

  • 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the designated stop
  • Once the child boards the school bus or if the child doesn’t board
  • In case the bus stops for an unusually long time at any point
  • If the bus stops at a non-designated bus stop
  • When the bus crosses the speed limit
  • Once the child departs the school bus

Similarly, in the afternoon, the whole process takes place again.

Convenience is the day to day advantage of getting real-time notifications. The first notification of a day, when the school bus is 10 minutes away from the bus stop will make parents and children more alert. It will help avoid students missing their school buses.

But more than convenience, the more important advantage is the added safety. Children stranded at bus stops can be picked up without delay and it gets easier to track students down in case of unfortunate incidents.

Industry Leading Hardware

Any good tracking system is made of equal parts software and hardware. The quality of both elements is vital to the final product, and we realize this. That’s why we use the best and latest GPS tracking device available.

Normal GPS tracking hardware would include two different components. One would include the tracking device which sends out the location signals to the satellite and another one for reading RFID tags. But, the hardware we use is a sleeker, more portable kit which takes up lesser space. It incorporates both the tracking hardware as well as the RFID reader in a single body.

The hardware we use provides numerous advantages to you.

  • School Bus Attendance – Unlike normal GPS tracking systems which do not have an attendance function built-in, our system is able to provide attendance facilities to you.
  • It enables us to provide notifications to parents when the child boards or alights the school bus.
  • The device is physically strong and durable due the use of industry grade materials used in the casing, PCB and the components.
  • The quality of GPS devices usually come under scrutiny due to quality issues. We neither use nor recommend china made devices as there are a couple of inconveniences. First is that the maintenance and installation processes are difficult due to the unavailability of local representation of such manufacturers. And the second point is that we like the components to be perfectly in sync with our system.
  • Portable design means it’s not really difficult to transport the devices, unlike the GPS trackers of yesteryear. Moreover, the compact dimensions ensure the device occupies minimal space.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, our tracking device is unique. Both RFID reader and GPS technologies are merged into one device. Being a single piece of hardware, it is relatively effortless to install this device in quick time.

The quality of hardware ensures there would be minimum maintenance required. And in case there are any issues, our experts are ready to provide any sort of assistance you might require. You would be able to know the status of repair once you login to the web portal.

E-Commerce Development :

We don't sell our clients technology, we sell solutions to their problems

Responsive Web Design:

In the digital age, every new client expects a mobile version of their website. After all, it’s a must

Web Application and Development:

We create flexible, expandable systems that allow you to update content without a lick of code.

Digital Marketing:

The way users interact with web platforms are changing, our websites respond to the needs of these users.

Brand Identity:

We seek the unique and identifiable truth about your brand and deliver solutions that engage your customers.

Corporate AV:

We get Corporate AV to work for you.



    Our project leads work on your project with efforts to deliver best
    product. With ignited minds, they keep the project time, cost
    and overheads within the deadline.


    Business goals help you to succeed and accomplish your mission. After, learning about your process and your expectations from the outsourced project, we suggest ways of leveraging the technology to help you.


    A look and feel of your site is created based on what we've grasped about your goals at the earlier stage.


    We have in-house solution since we do not sub-contract or outsource. We have a team of developers andprogrammers with vast knowledge and experience to handle your project. Our efficiency grows as our partnership grows.


    We have employed professional Quality Assurance Analysts (QAs) to develop and execute test scripts, manage any issues identified, verify fixes and support your launch.


    We build all of our solutions with an eye to putting your team in control of your solution, but are available to assist on either a retainer or Time and Materials basis if technologies or business requirements change.


    We try to understand where your business is headed. When planning your solution, when strategically possible, we will lay the foundation to accommodate your future needs to minimize re-work and make future projects run faster and smoother.





Our Products


Dfarmfresh is online grocery selling E-commerce solution for all your daily needs.  Everything You Need to Start Selling Online Today is in your hand.
We have developed “Dfarmfresh” website, android app and native IOS app to sell fruits, vegetables and other grocery products online.
E-Commerce  is a mobile commerce system which run under Android platform that used for promotion and selling your  products.
It has

  • Social Media Integration
  • payment gateway facility
  • Well-designed banners
  • Attractive UI with material design
  • Wallet integration
  • Refer –earn facility and it is Fully Hosted.  
  • Meaningful contents
  • Powerful Admin Panel which can manage the order, create category and product menu, also can configurations such as currency, quantity, user,  change admin password with generate password etc from admin panel on the web

We are selling this complete white label solution for business purpose. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for ecommerce or online shop application.


MapOnnSchool is a venture by MapGuru Inc., a provider of all kinds of Vehicle Tracking Systems. This venture is an answer to all parents and school authorities who has been searching for a solution addressing school bus safety concerns. Map Onn School provides GPS school bus tracking systems to tackle student safety issues and thereby, ensure that students have a safe journey to and from their schools.
This is how Map Onn School helps you, if you are a parent or a school authority
•    Provides real-time updates on school bus locations. School Bus Tracker sends alerts in the form of SMS, Android push notifications or iOS notifications and parents get to know about bus delays, over speeding, unscheduled bus stops or other emergencies.
•    School bus tracking systems help you to analyze the school drivers’ performance and to save money in terms of fuel and the like by providing you with reports on travel distance, travel speed, travel history etc.
•    Helps you save energy and time by Automatic routing and planning and scheduling bus stops
Apart from tackling safety concerns effectively, MapOnnSchool helps you to manage your school bus fleet effectively.
School authorities will be able to calculate better, more efficient routes with the help of the MapOnnSchool software. It helps in reducing fuel consumption and improving overall efficiency of school bus fleets. Bus breakdowns and similar issues can be sorted out in quick time by using the school bus tracker.
Thus the school bus tracking system helps parents, students and school authorities by helping to create a better, safer and more efficient school bus management.