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Enhancing Bus Attendant Efficiency

Bus attendants can perform their duties with enhanced efficiency. They can sort out attendance flaws and be free from manual error and complications.

our features

Figure Out Next Destination

With the app, drivers are able to find next destination along with image and contact details of the child. Once a student gets boarded, a notification received and trip confirmation subsequently leads to trip history. Map feature will provide you details on the whole trip.

Birthday Announcements

Using the personal details of students, the app provides birthday announcements. Students excited when they get wishes from other people.


Like every other apps, bus attendant app will give instant notification when the child boards the bus, get off the bus, misses the school bus, etc. Also, bus attendant as well as other school authorities get wrong location alert when the child gets dropped to unscheduled points.

Trip Planning

Bus attendants can schedule trip easily and direct driver throughout the trip. Whenever a trip is confirmed, it moves to the trip history.


Bus attendants will get important messages via announcement feature of the bus attendant app. Authorities can also send voice instructions to bus attendants via the app.


Attendance details of the students are accurate and free of errors. When the student gets into the bus, attendance marked automatically and can be viewed by school bus attendants.

Recentre Facility

Recentre function helps to update the pick-up point, whenever there is any relocation for any child. The pick-up point instantly updated via the app.

Manifest Feature

Produce routine school bus passenger details like pick up details, route diagram indicating pick up location, list of students present inside the bus etc. If a student applied leave on a particular day, then his pick up details will not appear in that day's stop list.

Pick-up Point Optimization

This feature helps you to update pick up point based on realistic points. Also, pick-up point can be changed in case of relocation.