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A Helping Hand For Parents

The parent app has everything to make parents feel safe and happy. It is a convenient way of getting real-time notifications, making school bus fee payments and lot more.

our features

School Bus Attendance

School bus attendance will be taken four times a day, whenever a student gets on or off the school bus both in the morning and evening. Parents can view the attendance details of their child whenever they need without contacting authorities.

Know Real-time Location

Once the child gets on the bus, parents are able to know the real-time location of their child and the route taken by the school bus. As per the details obtained from the app, parents can pick their child up at the right time.

Single App For A Single Home

Parents can take of their children with a single app. No need of multiple apps, if siblings are studying in the same school.

Apply Leave

It is easier to apply leave for students through the app. You can apply for leave without even calling driver or school management. The whole operation becomes smooth and quicker.

View Scheduled Route

Parents can view and know the route your child's school bus is expected to follow. If there is any route change in a particular day, parents will come to know about it.

Receive Real-time Notifications

Parents are able to receive push notifications for unscheduled stops, attendance, over speeding, etc. With these notifications, they are able to get a detailed account of the school bus journey.

Pick-up Point Reassignment

If there is any change in the current pick-up point, parents can easily request it via a parent app. No complication in updating the pick-up point change.

Effective Communication

Have a good rapport with drivers and school authorities easily via app. No need to spent extra hours to meet them.